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Hurting your neck while watching tv? Need help mounting a TV on the wall? 


The certified technicians at iDoc Device Repair are trained and ready to install your TV in any room or space, so that you can always enjoy it comfortably. 


Mounting your TV is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies at the perfect viewing angle. Get the most out of your living space and call the TV mounting service professionals at iDoc Device Repair.


Apart from the fact that a television mount provides a more relaxing way to enjoy your shows and movies, there are so many more advantages to a television mount:


·      A television mount will free up the floor space you may have reserved for a TV stand.

·      A TV mount will keep your space looking tidy and clean!

·      TV mounting is a more modern, contemporary take on your home’s interior design.

·      TV mounts are safer for kids because you don’t have to worry about the TV getting knocked and falling over.

·      Get the most out of your space and have the ability to easily rearrange your home with a TV mount that can fit on any wall.

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TV Mounting Service Near Me

The TV mounting professionals at iDoc Device Repair want our clients to fully enjoy their living space.


iDoc Device Repair performs our TV mounting services throughout the metro Jackson, MS, area.


There are so many benefits to having a TV mounted on your wall so stop wasting your time and get superior mobility for the best viewing angles at any place in your space!


Getting sick and tired of not being able to fully enjoy your living room?


We’ve got the solution to your problem with our television wall mounting services at iDoc Device Repair!

Television Wall Mounting Service

The technicians at iDoc Device Repair have the knowledge and experience to transform your space from average and tolerable, to stylish and useful.


We get many frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our television wall mounting services:


·      How to mount a TV on brick

·      How to mount a TV above a fireplace

·      How to mount a TV on drywall

·      How to mount a TV in a corner

·      Can you mount a TV on brick?

·      Can you mount a TV on wood paneling?

·      Can you mount a TV on any wall?

·      Is it hard to mount a TV?


The TV mounting professionals at iDoc Device Repair can do it ALL.


Our TV mounting brackets are durable and hefty in order to sustain any wall type; brick, drywall, wood paneling, and more.


The most frequent request that we get is mounting a TV over a fireplace, and while that may look tough, we can make it happen. Mounting a TV over a fireplace brings a cozy, relaxing and inviting ambiance into any home or space.


Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Not to worry, your TV mount is still going to look fantastic. As long as your TV can fit on the desired wall of your choice, iDoc Device Repair will do what we can to make your mounted TV look amazing.


How to mount a TV by yourself, you ask? You contact our technicians at iDoc Device Repair, and we’ll perform our TV mounting service so that your home always feels relaxing and entertaining for you and your guests.

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